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 Pleasanton Pool Center is commited to customer service and satisfaction. We have been at the same location since 1978 and are willing to work with you to resolve any issue you may have. We carry a full line of products to help you service your own pool or spa. Our employees are highly educated in the products we sell. They are more than willing to answer any pressing questions you may have and enjoy doing so. Stop by today and let us "Keep You Swimming".
Our Store Offers:
-Innovative green energy solutions to outstanding pool equipment.
-Environmentally responsible products, e.g. Hasa liquid chlorine.
WHY HASA? Hasa is the purest, strongest fastest working liquid chlorine available.

 But Did You Know ? Hasa has been helping YOU save the environment for over 40 years. Because you use HASA 4/1 returnable Sani-Clor liquid chlorine millions of trees have been saved from becoming cardboard. Thanks to HASA Customers using Sani-Clor in the returnable deposit case we have saved over 60 million pounds of plastic from going into our landfills.

-Free computerized water analysis
-Pool se
ason, Leisure Time, United chemicals, GLB, Bio-Dex, Applied Biochemists, Natural Chemistry, And McGrayel Company dealer: Chlorine, shock, algae control, water clarifiers, tile cleaners, stain removers, chlorine alternatives, test kits, test strips, and reagents.
-Toys, games, and pool floats. Pool Style dealer.
& replacement parts .
-Maintenance equipment.

-Accessory items: Ladders, rails, slides, and diving boards. SR Smith dealer.
-Pool cleaners: Suction, pressure, robotic, or hand heald. Zodiac dealer.
-Filter cartridges

-Coleman Spas: Click here for brochure.logo-header.png
-Spas & spa covers: All Season dealer.
-Pool covers & reels: Midwest Canvas
-Energy saving equipment: pumps, filters, heaters, and solar.

-Automation, control systems, lighting, salt systems, chemical feeders.
-Pool cleaners, fittings, valves.
-Remodel or new pool.

-Pool safety equipment- Signs, alarms, safety fencing, covers, antientrapment, lifeguard equipment, poo
l lifts.
-Virginia Graeme Baker pool and spa safety act anit-entrapment drain covers and other devices: By December 19, 2008, ALL public pool owners/operators must-
1. Install drain covers that meet the ANSI/ASME A112.19.8–2007 standard on EVERY drain/
grate. A list of cover manufacturers can be fo
und at
2. Install an automatic shut-off system, gravity drainage system, Safety Vacuum Release System
(SVRS), suction-limiting vent system or
disable the drain, if the pool operates off of a
SINGLE main drain. Pools and spas with unblockable drains are exempt from this
requirement. A list of SVRS manufacturers can be found at
3. Ensure that dual or multiple main drains are at least 3 feet apart. For more information click here.feat5_vgba.gif

You name it - we can help!

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