Intelliflo VS-3050 Swimming Pool Filter Pump

Intelliflo VS-3050 Swimming Pool Filter Pump


The World's Most Intelligent Pool Pump

the intelliflo high efficiency pool pump is an eco-friendly choice

A breakthrough in energy-efficiency and service life, the Pentair IntelliFlo® VS-3050 variable speed pump brings the latest technology to your swimming pool. The IntelliFlo replaces the old electric induction motor found in other pool pumps with a permanent magnet motor similar to those found in hybrid cars. This one replacement saves you 30% on electricity right off the bat! But the energy savings don't stop there!

Typical pool pumps have only one or two preset unchangeable speeds to choose from regardless of how much water you actually need to move. More power than you need for the job is waste and when it comes to pool pumps that's a lot of power - often equivalent to all your home appliances combined, $1000 or more a year! The Pentair Intelliflo is different. The Intelliflo takes advantage of a fundamental law of water pumps: Slower is much more efficient. With 4 different programmable flow rates you can set the minimum flow required for whatever combination of pool, spa, and water feature you want to run. Suddenly you are looking at utility bill savings of up to 90%!

Intelliflo Features:

  • Easy to program and operate.
  • Offers ultra-quiet operation, just 7 - 10 decibels (or half a human whisper).
  • Operates at the minimum speed required for unmatched longevity. Four different speeds means this pool pump works only as hard as it needs to, resulting in less wear of critical parts and dramatically longer service life.
  • Settings can be changed in seconds, with a simple arrow up or down so as new features or equipment are added, they can be programmed to use the least amount of energy possible.
  • Compatible with other pool systems, including EasyTouch® and IntelliTouch®.
  • Permanent magnet motor produces far less heat and vibration than traditional induction motors. This means less stress and wear on pump components and other equipment.
  • Lock-out feature prevents unauthorized use.
  • Freeze settings will turn pump on when temps get low during winter.
  • Intelliflo pumps are state of the art in Variable speed pool pumps.

If you are in Florida, California, Texas or Arizona, you may be required to use a variable speed or two-speed motor when replacing or installing any pool pump, greater than 1hp. Two speed pumps are cheaper, but won't save as much electricity as the Intellflo pumps. You can dial in the best RPM's to do the job, from as low as 450 RPMs, to the standard 3450 RPM that regular pumps operate with.

Buy a Pentair Intelliflo pump today, and start saving tomorrow!

Head Loss Curves

head loss curve chart for pentair intelliflo VS-3050 The chart to above shows performance rates at factory preset speeds of 750 RPM, 1500 RPM, 2350 RPM and 3110 RPM. However, flowrates can also be custom set between the ranges of 400 RPM and 3450 RPM as indicated by the blue tint.

Pentair Intelliflo VS-3050 Dimensions

pentair intelliflo vs-3050 dimensions drawing